We are AC repair specialists, handling many different brands and types of air conditioning systems, including central air conditioners, mini split ductless Air Conditioner units and attic setup for houses without any duct work.
Looking for an AC repair company to help turn up your home in a comfortable and cool oasis? Call us today and allow us to help you find out the best air conditioning unit for your home or fix it for you.
Skilled AC Install and Repair Before making ultimate decision on your brand new air conditioning units, ensure to employ a skilled AC company like us to measure your house and your ACs. An oversized system will keep your house too cold and won’t dehumidify; while an undersized system will not be capable to cool your home sufficiently. So, it pays greatly to have your house’s measurements taken in order to ensure the ideal fit. Our comfort experts will also take duct sizing as well as airflow into consideration.
We’ll size your evaporator coils and change the plenum if needed to maximize its efficiency. With hydro rate threatening to skyrocket, efficiency will become more and more important.

Heating Services

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Cooling Services

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If you’re in need of ductless air conditioner, then our team of AC repair experts can assist. We are the specialists in cooling houses without ductwork, using attic units and the mini split air efficiently. And by using our trusted employees with particular product training, we guarantee the correct maintenance of your house and the right operation of your entire setup. We are fully certified ductless air conditioner repair technicians and certified high velocity attic unit installers.
We are a high quality AC repair and services company that follows the manufacturer’s guidelines always for installation and does not takes any short cuts. The precautions we take will save our clients the inconvenience of breakdown when they need their air conditioning unit desperately. All of our highly skilled installers and our service technicians are factory trained, certified, and licensed. This means you can feel fully confident knowing that the unit will be correctly repaired.
Maintenance and Services
If you’ve an existing air conditioning unit, we can provide maintenance and repair services and solutions that you can rely on easily. It is important to keep your current duct-less AC unit well-maintained and clean to facilitate its utmost efficiency. If the unit has a dirty condenser, dirty evaporator coil, or dirty air filters, then the appliance might be strained as well as its performance compromised. For maintenance, installation or repairs, contact us and you will have our experts quickly.
Licensed And Trained Technicians And Staff
​You can rest assured that our technicians and staff have the best licensing and training. We believe in being fully compliant with codes, bylaws and workplace safety. Our company is TSSA registered, and Metro licensed. Our company is also WSIB compliant and it has liability insurance too. We hold our employees responsible for cleanliness and behavior and drop sheets tends to be used always on all jobs as well as plastic booties on the work boots in order to keep your place clean and neat.